‘The Formation of Formula’ – Starny

Boton Ayomide, popularly known as Starny is a singer and songwriter, from Ajido Badagry, Lagos State.

His passion for music drove him to start recording his tracks at the age of 7 and he released his first track “Gbemisoke”, which was recorded by Pee Jay production.

Starny, an alumnus of Iworo Ajido Model College, Badagry, Lagos State has a new album to his credit ‘Formula’ which was released on the 29th of June 2020 and the official video launched on 26th September, 2020.

In a Facebook post by the young singer, he explained how he coined the title of the song ‘Formula’.

“I released formula music out of my experience and what I’ve gone through. I was brought up in the street where I’ve experienced a lot at my little age.

“I’ve realized that life is a game and you can only win by God’s Grace. Everybody play it but only he who win will be known and recognized.” The post reads

“But once you understand the logic to play it wise, you’ll become a winner.

‘That’s why I expressed it mathematically as Formula. Also, I’ve figured out the life formula to solve life equation.

“That made me understand that you can’t be always happy in life, life goes with both happiness and sadness. And I realized that any condition you see yourself in life is characteristics of life.” He added.

Boton Ayomide