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Realignment for the Emancipation of Lagos – Team Jandor

In a bid to take Badagry division and Lagos State at large out of infrastructural decay, the Lead Visioner for #Lagos4Lagos, Mr. Abdul-Azeez Olajide Adeniran, popularly known as Jandor has called for a realignment by all and sundry across the region and the state to unite for championing a new course to deliver dividends of democracy to Lagosians, particularly Badagry Division of the state.

It would be recalled that the coastal town (Badagry) is the cradle of Nigeria civilization, where we have the first primary school which was founded in 1843 and other historic ancient tourist centres, it is a pity to point out that the region over the years has been neglected and deprived of developmental projects that would have projected the image of the region to the global community, due to sentiment and marginalization.

Speaking recently at a media parley that came up at the Liberty Place, Ikeja, Lagos, the Lead Visioner of Team Jandor, pointed out that one of the major challenges that has been a bane to the development of the region is the fact that over the years, none from the region has occupied the seat of power in the state, who will priotize the development of the area.

Jandor furthered that the hardship being faced by Lagosians due to infrastructural decadence is because of lack of an independent Governor who will have control over the treasury of the state and channel it to developing infrastructural facilities at all sectors, health, education and roads in particular.

“Lagos State has everything, human and financial resources except one thing. That is what we are looking for, we need an independent Governor and immediately we have that, we would have control over the treasury and it will be enough for us to look into the decay and decadence of infrastructural development across all levels”. He said

He therefore noted that for the Lagos4Lagos cause, all hands must be on deck across all Local Government and Council Areas in the State to make sure the right person gets to the position where things can be turned around in favour of the majority of masses and betterment of lives of generality of the people, noting that he is ready to carry the cross to deliver Lagos from leaders who prioritize personal interest over the common good of the people.

Jandor stressed that one of the marginalization of the government, and plans to impoverish the people is evident in the present state of governance where Badagry Division (from Ajeromi-Badagry) has one person as a Special Adviser in the cabinet of forty-five (45) stating that the same applies to Ikorodu Division. According to him, this has for a long time contributed to the backwardness of the areas, especially Badagry Division.

“We need to realign and we are going to do one party and that party is wherever one of us is running. We have what it takes to get power including population. Eko Vision, #Lagos4Lagos and the likes are devoid of party affiliation, whether PDP, APC or any other, all we want is a realignment for a better Lagos. We need to push the interest of the people”. He said

According to him, Epe is what it is today because of Ambode who served as a Governor, it is therefore pertinent to put all hands on deck to fight for what we better the lives of people.

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