Police Brutality: Activists to Demand Justice for Badagry Youth Leader

Mr. S. S. Kokrannu

President, Society for Youth Advancement and Creativity Initiative (SHACO), Mr. Mark Akande, has announced that the group will be joining other activists and civil society groups to demand justice for Mr. Sefrinmi Samson Kokrannu the Badagry Divisional Supervisor of the Lagos State Residents Registration Agency (LASRRA) and a renowned youth leader in Ajara-Badagry who was allegedly battered by policemen in the premises of Ajara Police Post in Badagry, Lagos State this Saturday.

“Today, police officers attached to the Ajara police station, Badagry – Lagos whose names is yet to be identify has taken their harassment and brutality too far by descending on Mr. Sefrinmi Samson Kokrannu the Badagry Divisional supervisor at Lagos State Residents Registration Agency beating him like a thief while making calls by the police station.

“These animals in police uniforms that did this unspeakable act must be brought to book. We know the Lagos State police commissioner is a man of sound mind and do not condone nonsense.

“Therefore, we demand for justice. These police officers must be brought to question so that other uncultured animals wearing police uniform will know that things have change for good.

“Tomorrow by 4pm from the Local Government Secretariat Ajara – Badagry, we will be joining other social and human rights activists to see the DPO of Ajara Police Station so that he can do the needful by unveiling to the public the names of these police officers involved in the devilish act and also charging them for assault” read the press release by SHACO.

Mr. Kokrannu had posted of his alleged police brutality on his Facebook page asking if making calls in the premises of a police station is now an offence in Nigeria.

The victim, a renowned youth leader in the community is said to be easy going and a responsible member of the Ajara-Badagry community.

Speaking with CityMood, Mr. Kokrannu said he had gone to the Police post when he received a call from his pastor that a thief had been caught around the vicinity of their church. He said he had hoped to see if the thief would confess to stealing some items that had been stolen from the church some days earlier.

On getting there he said the Post was practically empty except for a man sitting under a tree. According to him, he approached him, greeted him and he was about to call his Pastor to let him know he was at the station when the man under the tree told him he can’t make calls in the premises of the Police Post.

He said some uniform police officers later arrived and mercilessly beat him up for been allegedly rude to their superior officer, whom he later identified as the Officer-in-Charge of the Post. Mr. Kokrannu said his phone was also confisticated but later released to him.

It is not yet known if he has filed a formal complaint about the incidence at the time of filling this report.


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  • This has to stop! Some police officers believe whenever they are in their black uniform, they are God on earth. I live close to the station, and I have time without number saw people being molested whenever they go there. The officer in charge has some time ago disrespected a pastor who went to the station to make a report concerning a woman who slumped and died beside his church that happens to be close to where I live. The officer said, “he will detain the pastor if no one comes to carry the corpse of the dead woman.” If not that the pastor knows his right has a citizen in Nigeria, he would have been deceived that very day because he went to report a case at the station.

    It is high time these kinds of people know that we still have a law in this country.

  • Honestly if someone like ègbón Sefrinmi can be treated dat way in his own home o, a home he is representing well den am afraid. I had to ask him if it’s d same Ajara police station on my street like wat a hell is wrong dem? Dey really need to be dealt wit, it’s no longer funny my Badagry is becoming scary day by God.