Onilude Takes New Direction on Environmental Sanitation

The Chairman of Badagry Local Government Area (LGA) in Lagos State, Mr. Olusegun Onilude has taken a new direction towards curtailing the dumping of refuse around the Council Secretariat and maintaining general cleanliness of the community.

It can be recalled that at the inception of Onilude administration, Tuesday was established as a weekly sanitation day in the council secretariat, but the laudable initiative had become history overtime.

The Chairman, while responding to questions from CityMood Reporter on Friday 20th November 2020, stated that dumping of refuse on the streets by residents is an offence, stressing that people have been sensitized and security agents have been employed to monitor the environment. He also added that PSP trucks have also been informed not to park at the said spots in front of the secretariat again but to move around to collect waste as envisaged.

“We have employed the Man ‘O’ War personnel to manage the place and to ensure people stop dropping refuse at the place. Before we do that, we have gone round to sensitize them to ensure they start doing what is supposed to be done.” He said.

Onilude therefore urged residents to register with authorized refuse collectors to dispose dirts and noted that the initial day set for general sanitation in the council secretariat would be revived to help maintain a clean environment for healthy living.