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My Second Book Launched me to Stardom – Lagos Ex-Perm. Sec.

The ex-Permanent Secretary of the Lagos State Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Dr. Babatunde Mesewaku has revealed that his second book launched him to stardom, adding that his experiences at the local councils impacted in his rise to becoming Permanent Secretary.

The ex-Permanent Secretary, who celebrated his retirement ceremony on Monday 8th February 2021, disclosed this in a chat with The Nation prior to his retirement.

According to him, “My first publication was in 1999 titled ‘Badagry: The Cultural Heritage’. And it remains the only book on Badagry heritage till date. Later I also found that there were gaps that should be filled in the history of Badagry. This led to the second book, ‘Badagry District: 1863 to 1999’, published in 2000, which is purely a research work.

“In fact, this second book launched me to stardom. When new councils were created in 2003, it was the contribution of the book that earned me the appointment as one of the Council Managers then. That was the beginning. I was moved to Itire/Ikate local council where I laid the foundation of the structures. From there to Ibeju Lekki, Ajeromi-Ifelodun, Ejigbo, Yaba and to Lagos State Public Service.

“My experiences at the local councils really impacted in my life especially my rise to becoming Permanent Secretary. Again, publishing of the second book may also have a hand in my becoming Permanent Secretary. The day Mrs. Abike Dabiri-Erewa and I were presenting the book to the Governor while seeking state support of Badagry Heritage Festival, I observed that the Governor was very enthralled by the book. In fact, it was the second day that I was announced Permanent Secretary. So, the book in a way might have played a role.”

“Also, I have been able to write a book titled ‘Developing Lagos Tourism: Guiding Practices’, which will be very handy for practitioners. Tourism is very dynamic and there is need to constantly update ones knowledge. I noticed capacity gap, which informed the writing of the book. It is my own small quota towards achieving the tourism agenda of the state. Governor Babjide Sanwo-Olu wrote the foreword to the book, which was presented on Monday.” Mesewaku added.

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