Opinion: Mobolaji Ogunlende; Built by and for Greatness

Mr. Mobolaji Ogunlende

“A man of humanity is one who…desiring attainment for himself, helps others to attain.” – Confucius.

Going by the words of Confucius above, we can say Mobalaji Ogunlende who, against all odds, has stood by the people is a man of humanity. Darts in various forms had been hurled at him by people who mistook his philanthropist’s nature as a form of gain-seeking. As he is fond of saying, the future does not move when a group triggers an action but when an individual makes up his mind to be correct. It is now evident that his actions are not being pushed by a story of lack but by his heart and passion towards the people around him and his quest to give back to the society that had brought him thus far. His life is all about sacrifice and passion and he is worthy of every praise he had received thus far.

It is worth noting here that these activities carried out by him and by the RAK foundation are not aimed at just building an image for himself but they are his little ways of helping build and maintain a society worthy of the twenty-first-century status.

People will always criticize what they do not understand. Many had given different names as to what his kind of giving look like. Mobolaji Ogunlende will never bend down to these. Instead, they keep him bolstered to do more. He who is big is big. Mobolaji remains focus to his vision and he will neither back down or get distracted by any of these criticisms. He accepts them as a necessity that keep him on his toes.

RAK project is God’s own project.

-Medemaku Samuel

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