MCC Building Badagry General Hospital Completed and in Use

Following the rumour which arose as a result of the postponement of the commissioning of the Maternal & Child Centre (MCC) Building at Badagry General Hospital by the Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babajide Sanwoolu, CityMood Reporter embarked on a facility tour to know the condition of the building.

Rumours have it that the postponement of the Governor’s visit to commission the building for two consecutive times is due to its incomplete state, but the tour revealed that the building has been completed and put to use.

In an interview with Mrs. Bunmi Mustapha, a relative to one of the patients at the MCC building, she said “Staff of the hospital are trying in terms of treatment they are saving lives and in terms of emergency, they don’t wait for you to deposit money before attending to patients, although the money they are collecting for treatment at the MCC building is higher, this is a remote area, we plead to the Governor to help us bring it down.”

Speaking with Mrs. Fashola Yetunde, a sibling to another patient, she stated that the workers are trying their best in terms of treatment, noting that though some of the nurses are not friendly, most of them discharge their duties in a friendly disposition. She also pointed out that the price is high, thereby calling for a reduction in the price.

“The facility is up to standard and the management told us that the price at the MCC Building increased on December 1st. We want Sanwoolu to try to reduce the bills being charged. This is a General Hospital and not private, so we believe everything here should be subsidized. The drugs here are higher compared to how much we get it in town”. she added.

It would be recalled that the visit of the Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwoolu to commission the MCC Building rescheduled for last Friday 11th December 2020 was postponed to Wednesday 16th December 2020 due to alleged other pressing official assignments.

Also recall that Gov. Babajide Sanwoolu was tested positive to Covid-19 over the weekend, which makes the most recent scheduled date for the commissioning of the MCC uncertain.

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