Man Collapse, Dies at Badagry Roundabout

A man who appears to be in his mid forties has collapsed and died at the Badagry Roundabout in Badagry Local Government, Lagos about 10am today. The identity of the deceased and cause of his death is unknown but witnesses say his last words were “I am hungry”.

A LASTMA official who witnessed the incidence but spoke to CityMood on condition of anonymity said “When we saw him collapse, we quickly approached him and sat him up. We then called LASAMBUS and 121. Unfortunately he died before help could arrive. His last word was ‘I am hungry’. And that was the only thing he could muster before he died”.

A phone seller around the area, Kehinde, said he heard the man was hungry and a good Samaritan went to get him food. He claimed the man died before the food was brought.

Some roadside fruit sellers said he looked sick and hungry. They said he collapsed and some policemen helped him to sit up but he died shortly, before help could come. Speaking in Yoruba they lamented the hardship people are experiencing under the lockdown.

Speaking with another witness, Mr. Hunga, he said the man looked emanciated like someone who has been sick for awhile. He claimed a One Thousand Naira note was found on him when he passed away. “He could have survived if the LASAMBUS arrived early, because it took some time before he passed away” he said.

Our correspondent gathered that the body was evacuated by health officials from the local government and the environment was properly decontaminated.

It was reported that an emanciated young lady collapsed and died around the same spot about a fortnight ago. Her cause of death is also unknown.


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  • Let autopsy be carried out to ascertain d cause of his death. The man may have died of Corona virus. Let govt. trace everyone that had contact with him and quarantine them. Let prayer also be offered on d same spot as someone died there recently.