Lagos Open Bid for Badagry Master Plan Review

A fresh attempt is being made by Lagos authorities to review the Badagry master plan, towards meeting the infrastructure needs and eliminating development pressures in the district.

According to the government, the review became necessary in view of the fast developmental growth within Badagry sub-region, which requires effective physical development control.

The existing Badagry master plan (2013 to 2033) was prepared by the Lagos State Government and became operational in May 2013.

Specifically, the new move would enable the state government undertake survey of the existing housing stocks and building development patterns, land value and property rating with a view to determine the uses, characteristics and intensity of developments.

Already, the government has invited reputable town planners to bid for the project.

Findings show that the scope of work for the review include, to examine the extent of implementation of the proposed five action area plans, namely Ajegunle, Amukoko, Badagry town, Ojo, and Okokomaiko in the existing plan.

The bid winner would update an inventory of unique historical, cultural and scenic areas for the purpose of conservation; take into consideration the regeneration, reconstruction of public utilities, and infrastructure.

The town planning firm would also establish the database for areas that are prone to flooding and proffer solution to curbing the incidence and its consequences; examine the trends, pattern and changes in the development of the last seven years.

The proposals will also present future needs, propose the political and administrative structures necessary to achieve the goals of the plan within the context of transparency, creditability, accountability and the Nigerian constitution as well as identify opportunities for the purpose of enhancing the socio-economic growth of the area.

The State’s Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development, Dr. Idris Salako explained that the intention of government is to ensure sustainable, orderly, and livable city.

He told The Guardian that the plan would transform the fortunes of Badagry by optimizing the potential of its location for international trade.

According to him, the process for the review process involves evaluation of the previous plan, community consultation to determine aspirations, socio-economic surveys, data collection, and analysis.

Salako noted that the review would also entail preparation of alternative plans, evaluation of plans to select the most appropriate, implementation, monitoring, and review.

The Commissioner revealed that the number of planners that would be involved in the project depends on the aspects that would be covered.

He said: “The preparation or review of any plan usually involves a rich cocktail of all professionals relevant to the specific plan .”

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