I’ve Represented Badagry Beyond Reasonable Doubts – Avoseh Replies Social Critic

A member of Lagos State Civil Service Commission, Hon. Avoseh Hodewu has stated that he has represented Badagry Local Government and Division beyond reasonable doubts, within one year in office as a member of the commission.

This was made known in his response to a social critic, Samuel Nunayon Labobo, who asked for the impact of the honourable in securing employment for fellow Badagrians on the first year anniversary of his appointment

“One year ago, Gov. Sanwoolu appointed a Badagrian as member of Lagos State Civil Service Commission…Abeg how many Badagrians don see work through his recommendations abi make we blame Covid-19?” The post by Samuel reads.

Responding, Hon. Avoseh stated that his responsibility as a member of the commission is not limited to recruitment alone, but involves any area of the Civil or Public service.

“L’abobo, thanks for the enquiry, though I don’t need to respond on my own but the beneficiaries through me, but as your representative on the Commission, I’m also bold to say without any fear or favour that this past one year, I’ve represented Badagry LG and Badagry Division beyond any reasonable doubt in all ramifications. Our responsibilities are not limited to recruitment alone but involve any area of the Civil or Public service. On employment, the Civil Service Commission has not secured direct approval from Mr. Governor but the process leading to it is ongoing. The employment or recruitment from other commission, I’m not left out, as I stretched my tentacles around all for the sake of getting something for our people and I think I’m not doing badly but let those who have one way or the other had encounter with me speak out as that’s the most honourable thing.” He responded.

While appreciating Samuel for bringing up the issue, Avoseh called on people that his appointment has been of help to speak out.

Responding, a Facebook user, Dr. Emmanuel Jesuyon Dansu commented, “This is indeed heartwarming, I am highly impressed by your responsive representation, Sir. Thank you for not even bothering to send third parties to us. Our elected representatives should be way more responsible! May your strength never wane.” He added that Samuel should be applauded for ensuring that Badagry representatives are accountable to the community.

A comment by another Facebook user, Onala Sejiro Samson reads, “With deep sense of regard and honesty, I am privileged to be aware of some LASG job openings Avoseh Hodewu Suru Hon has given (facilitated) to several people in Badagry federation without knowing them personally. The most recent one is the teacher’s employment. He has also successfully assisted several sons and daughters of our dear Badagry federation in service related issues. I am also aware of his recent efforts in ensuring that our people who have worked as contract officers for over seven years in one of the Agency are given full employment in the current staffing process going on in the Agency.”

Another Facebook user who had a divergent view, Modiu Olaguro said, “You guys get your minds swayed easily. What else do you expect him to do when he had witnessed the uproar that was visited on Hunpe and Layode? Do you guys expect him to walk into the Lion’s den?”

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