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International Tourists Return to Badagry

By Anago Osho

Tourism thrives when there is peace, good health and tranquillity and whenever the reverse is the case, tourism practitioners are usually the major victims.

Before the Corona virus, the Ebola pandemic disorganized tourism activities in Badagry then, and now the Corona virus. Of course some practitioners learnt a bitter lesson and at the moment tourism industry diehard stakeholders though shakened by the Covid – 19 pandemic remained undaunted and hopeful despite the short comings. 

It has been quite a while since the people of the “Alluring Badagry” received international visitors in the town and at it’s museums, hotels, parks, beaches, Slave routes and heritage sites. The Covid – 19 pandemic took a toll on world economy, safety and health and the tourism, travel and hospitality industry was the hardest hit.

The ancient town of Badagry; a tourist destination, was greatly affected by the pandemic and everyone though  hopeful had a sigh of relieve as local tourists began to gradually explore the town again and today, the first set of Europeans returned on Anago James Akeem Osho Adventure’s “Badagry Walking tour”. 

This day, November 21st, 2020, created a glimpse of hope as 8 international tourists  returns to Badagry to experience history, culture, and Badagry Walking Tour created by Anago Osho. 

According to Mr Ankner, a German Federal Police officer, “This is Africa”. “I have been here before and this town makes me feel Iike i am in Africa, and Anago’s expertise as the  best tour guide and historian that i have ever met, brings the past to the present. On his tours, you are an actor that is watching a movie. The historical past becomes real”. 

Mr Ankner further stated that living in uptown Lagos is different from his experience in Badagry.

“Imagine a car will wait for you to cross the road here in Badagry, it’s not the same experience out there. I love the people and they are happy to see us despite the hardship the corona virus or Covid 19, brought on every one around the world. 

This unique tour requires adrenalin and it provides the opportunity to really be close to the locals in their naturalized environment.” He added.

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