Hon. Femi Mukaila Meets with Chairman, Apa Jetty on Waterway Safety

The Leader of the house, Badagry West Local Council Development Area in Lagos State, Hon. Femi Mukaila has led four other councilors of the LCDA to a meeting with the Chairman Focus Marine Company (Olu-nla) and members of his team to discuss on Waterway safety in the community.

This was disclosed in a press statement issued by the leader of the house, Badagry West LCDA yesterday, 7th September, 2020.

The statement revealed that Hon. Femi Mukaila and other councilors of the LCDA congratulated Olu-nla on his appointment as the Chairman Focus Marine Company, APA Jetty and assured him of a good working environment.

According to the statement, the core issues discussed in the meeting include,compliance to water ways safety regulations by boat users and proper use of life jackets, payment of tax and proper servicing of boat engines and employment of skilled boat drivers.

“I stressed that the above issues were addressed in order to ensure the safety of our people while patronizing water ways transport. Also I called on the boat operators to employ best practices while discharging their duties, even as we hope for an accident free operation.

“I also charged boat operators to pay their taxes duly, even as we promised to set up a committee for reviewing the rates being paid by boat operators of course this is not the time to increase the revenue bill but reduce it because people are yet to recover from the negative impact of Covid19 Pandemic, let us help to appeal the situation as this is to further encourage the business and to regulate boat fares. I also made it clear that we would be visiting other stakeholders of other jetties across Badagry such as Gbaji community jetty, Kese community jetty, Gayingbo community jetty and Pashi community jetty.

“It is worthy to note that we are still appealing with the state and federal government toward the completion of the Owode-Apa road, owode apa border, Badagry west which had been an issue of concern to our people for many years now.” The statement reads.

The statement noted the response of the visited chairman thus, “The chairman appreciated our visit, and he also expressed gratitude to the people of Owode-Apa and Badagry west LCDA at large, he stressed that the people here are caring and corporative since his arrival, and so he is willing to work closely with them.

“The chairman also stressed that all issues raised will be duly adhered to and also promised to facilitate all request made by the councilors at the meeting, he also further charged boat users to comply with all regulations.” Mukaila added

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