Green Janitors in Collaboration with RAK Foundation Launch First Recycling Plant in Badagry

Green Janitors Sustainable Initiative in collaboration with Real Act of Kindness (RAK) Development Foundation, both Non-Governmental Organizations, yesterday, 17th September 2020 launched the first recycling plant in Badagry, Lagos State at Iworo Town.

Speaking at the launch of the recycling plant, Mr. Ashade Abiodun, Executive Director, Green Janitors Sustainable Initiative stated that the two foundations are partnering together to produce ‘JANIRAK’ as an initiative of Sustainable Development Goal 17 (SDG17) which is in line with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (1-17); noting that the UN is working earnestly to achieve this goals come 2030.

“It is pertinent to note that we have what we call Sustainable Development Goals 1-17 and globally it is a 2030 targeted goals that United Nations is working towards to achieve and in order to achieve these goals too, we have utilize the SDG 17 which is partnership for the goal and that is the reason Green Janitors Sustainable Initiative has deem it fit to go into collaboration with RAK Development Foundation to produce what we called JANIRAK RECYCLERS”. He stated

Ashade acknowledged the support of the RAK Foundation pioneer, Mr. Mobolaji Ogunlende for the support, stressing that the vision of the initiative is to empower the youth through waste management in Badagry Local Government Area.

“I had a vision towards empowering the youths through waste management in Badagry but sometimes visions don’t come to function; if it’s not being ignited with the needed support and capacity. That support and capacity needed was provided by a godsent called Mobolaji Ogunlende, pioneer of RAK Development Foundation.

“My goal is to have a recycling plant in Badagry and train youths on waste recycling to build their capacity. We have been doing the training, but the Recycling plant looks unachievable until Mr. Mobolaji Ogunlende attended one of our programs last year at Suntan Beach, just as the saying goes, people of like-minded reason together”. He said

He further stated that millions of tons from plastic waste accumulated overtime continue to pile up in the environment, with some buried in landfills, pointing out that plastic pollution do not only cause harm to human but also strangulates and suffocate animals both in land and in the water with its effect rubbing off negatively on our climate.

In the same vein, the Pioneer of RAK Foundation, Mr. Mobolaji Ogunlende, while speaking at the event revealed that RAK is collaborating with Green Janitors to ensure recyclable materials get recycled thereby making the environment befiting and conducive to live for humans as well as animals.

“Recyclable materials constitute a major menace in our society today and degrades our environment, but today with pace, we are changing the dimensions of things.

“Here in Badagry, we are taking steps of partnership between RAK Foundation and Green Janitors to bring about and ensure recyclable materials get recycled. This initiative was born by Green Janitors”. He added.

“When we started, ideally, we would love to import machine from abroad, of cause that is the first thing everyone will do but we said no we must empower people locally”.

The Managing Director of Lagos State Waste Management Agency (LAWMA), Mr. Ibrahim Odumboni, who cut the tape of the recycling plant and declared it open, commended the effort of the two foundations by applauding the initiative, and pledging the support of the Agency towards the activities and development of the sector.

Mr. Odumboni further stated that time before now, the presence of innovations like this are minimal in the state, nothing that this will even improve the activities of LAWMA as a body across all communities.

From left to right: Mobolaji Ogunlende, Mr. Ibrahim Odumboni, Mr. Ashade Abiodun.

Photo credit: Sewanu Dominic

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