Full Address of Samola to Olorunda LCDA Residents on Democracy Day



Good people of Olorunda,

Today, 12th of June is a symbolic one in the history of the democracy of our darling country, Nigeria. Until the review championed by the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration in 2018 which was backed by key players such as our father, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, May 29th had been the day set aside to mark our annual Democracy Day.

However, the circumstances surrounding the June 12, 1993 election which saw late Chief MKO Abiola emerge in what many still regard as the freest and fairest election held so far in Nigeria ultimately led to the review and the eventual change of date. Being a date that implies that we are a people capable of getting things right, June 12 for me is befitting as our Democracy Day and has come to stay.

In the spirit of that conviction that we are capable of getting it right, I congratulate our people in Olorunda LCDA for what we as a democratically elected government has been able to achieve in our years at the helm of affairs of the LCDA. With your unwavering support, we have never lacked the courage to take bold steps. Steps that may have seemed to be unrealistic at first, but have become the symbol upon which our government is now identified even beyond our borders.

We have quickly learnt in the last few years that contrary to the opinions of many, the people of Olorunda LCDA are capable of identifying, championing, supporting and actualising developmental courses. We have sat with stakeholders to discuss the ways forward, enjoyed the needed support to commence many of the courses identified, and have ultimately been given the unwavering support that has delivered so many of our projects. This has reassured us of the fact that our potentials as a council has no limits. Indeed, a community is only as good as its people.

Not to take too much of your time, our strides in office has covered all sectors needed to drive the growth of the people and the economy of any entity. Together, we have delivered capital infrastructures such as roads, markets, schools, health facilities and marriage registry. We have erected several administrative structures across the LCDA in an attempt to bring the government closer to the people. We have revamped our Skill-Acquisition Centre and have been witnessing a significant increase in the production of skilled individuals.

We have also maintained our culture of churning out empowerment programmes targeting our youth and women periodically. On Agriculture, we intend to follow-up our obvious successes which has included effective periodic farmer training and support programmes with some sustainable projects of our own. We are presently consulting seasoned professionals on tested formulae that can guarantee productivity and ultimately boost our ability to be self-sufficient in the production of food and other basic agricultural ends.

On security, we have built an Ultra-Modern Police Station at Ilogbo-Eremi. That structure is in addition to the constant support we render to our security agencies such as; donation and maintenance of patrol vehicles amongst others. At least twice a year, we grade and sand-fill roads across the LCDA.

It is by the grace of God Almighty that we have been able to achieve the aforelisted as we have had to consistently find means to maximise the limited resources available. The present reality of the world regarding the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequently the lockdown that has followed has mandated us to re-assess our periodic outreach to the aged and the poorest of the poor. The lockdown required a review in our mode of application and that ultimately led to some of our effort in the form of palliatives.

At this juncture, I would love to commend our people for their co-operation during the total lockdown and the compliance with the directives of the Federal Government and Lagos State Government through the relevant authorities such as the NCDC and Lagos State Ministry of Health. Bar some very few cases of insubordination that were dealt with by the appropriate quarters, your compliance to the social-distancing directive and the use of nose-masks has been very commendable.

At the moment, the sad case of Uwaila Vera Omozuwa has caused many Nigerians to pay more attention to combating cases of abuse in our society. This is one ill that has plagued us silently for too long, and at the least, the present attention it is getting is long overdue. On this, I would love to sieze this opportunity to charge parents to prioritize instilling acts of decency in our wards from the earliest stages possible as a lack of it is responsible for most of the animalistic traits exhibited by many out there today. Most of our actions are direct reflections of our societal values.

I applaud all the movements that are currently putting a case forward for the total wipe-out of these ills from our society. While we are at it, please continue to practise social distancing as required, and wear your nose-masks as advised. The tough times will pass and everything will be normal again.

On this note, I hereby call on all and sundry to remain hopeful and get active at progressive endeavours.
Remember, Nigeria will be whatever we make of it, and whatever we make of it will define us as a people.





June 12, 2020.

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