Facebook Users Berate Community Leader over Threat on Youth in Badagry

The social media space, particularly Facebook, in Badagry was literally set on fire over the weekend as social media users castigate a community head over the threat issued to a youth and social critic from the Badagry community.

In a now deleted post on Facebook by Prince Kola Talabi, Baale of Mowo Community in Badagry Local Government Area of Lagos State , the community leader had tagged Samuel Nunayon Oluwatosin and wrote’ “Look the God Ogin in Mowo community will kill u that want to stop the progress of Mowo Kingdom, Do you know how is take us to get the approve from Lagos State Govt and you want to stop it. Hon. Babatunde Hunpe is the best House of Rep we hv get in Badagry.. u dis foolish boy, yr family wl come and beg Mowo kingdom before wl see favour from God, u hv just started.”

This post had provoked the ire of Facebook users who claimed Oluwatosin was only seeking accountability from government officials for the general good of Badagry communities. Some reprimanded the community head for reacting in a manner they described as unbefitting of his revered office.

“The said man does not even know you are working for the progress of his community. From his write up, you should be able to know that it won’t be easy for him to understand what you were talking about. Lolsss”, a Facebook user Wande Dephilosopher Desmond wrote.

“Though I do not like the approach Labobo adopts in most time in passing his message across… Be that as it may appear, it is an embarrassment on our traditional institutions seeing a whole traditional title holder issuing a death threat because the young man has demanded for accountability. O wrong naw”. Posu Joseph Sewanu, an aide to a legislator from the area wrote while lending a voice on the matter.

A prominent youth voice in Badagry, Kriko St. Augustine said, it is “quite depressing reading his (Baale’s) comment and calling on gods to kill someone fighting for his community”.

Another user, Yemaren Femi A. Fasinu adding his voice to the matter said, “I must confess that I was very shocked to see the comment by our Baale of Mowo. He is a leader and father and should have shown more leadership in his response.”

Reacting on the unusual development, some social media users were of the opinion that the Baale should be reported to kings in his area for reprimand while others were of the opinion that he should be reported to the authorities as no threat should be taken with levity.

“No threat is little or small or nothing…” Oluwa To Bi commented. “Na this kind person DSS suppose they find not Sunday Igboho”, Oluwaranti Samson Bryanho added. Mr. Aihawu Victor was of the opinion that “The threat should not be overlooked. It should be treated with utmost urgency”.

Aina Fasinu was of the opinion that “The Baale of Mowo can be cautioned by the Obas or those that put him there if he is reported”.

Waging in, a leader of thought in the area, Mr. Yinka Sedegla Balogun called for peace and apologized on behalf of the Baale. “When I saw the response of my cousin, I was angry because this is not expected of a traditional ruler to his subjects. Baale Mowo is a young and responsible man. He misquoted the thread and has since removed his reaction. Please accept my apology on his behalf”. He wrote on Facebook.

Some however were of the opinion that the Baale should apologize in person and make a statement to clear all doubts.

Responding, the youth in the middle of the storm, Oluwatosin said he would not respond to the leader as he is a well bred Badagrian who has respect for the traditional institution, but he called the attention of the public and some security agencies to the matter on his Facebook page.

The imbroglio started when the social critic called the attention of his followers to the inclusion of a sum of 52million naira for the construction of a block of 6 classrooms with solar powered borehole in Mowo Model College in the 2021 Appropriation bill by the National Assembly.

“In case u don’t know inside Appropriation bill… 52,250,000 naira appropriated for construction of a block 6 classrooms with solar powered borehole in Mowo Model College.” He posted.

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