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EndSARS: Social Media Users Drag Hon. Layode over His Use of Words While Speaking at the Lagos State House of Assembly

Social Media users in Badagry and other parts of the country have dragged the House of Assembly member representing Badagry Constituency I, Hon. Ibrahim Layode over his use of words while speaking at the Lagos State House of Assembly on the aftermath of the #EndSARS protest recently.

According to a video which went viral, Hon. Layode short of blamed Lekki protesters for not adhering to the curfew order by the Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwoolu and also accused residents of Lagos State of acquiring half-baked education.

“People are mentioning, they shoot at Lekki, what caused the shooting, is it not we?…on Tuesday morning, nobody touched you nobody harrased any youths, yet you went to Ajeromi Ifelodun Local Government Area to burn it down, from there you went to Orile Police Station and beat the police officer…’Onilu o ni fe je ko tu’ now, the Governor now wake up and said enough is enough, that there should be curfew on that day. If the Governor pronounce something in the state, who are we not to obey? Are we going to take laws into our hands?” He said.

“They said they remove camera, they can’t even differentiate between the camera and the one used for capturing…, ‘Abo-iwe’, some of them don’t know what they are talking about.” The honourable added.

This video has generated reactions on the social media with so many describing the Member in unprintable words. In one of the moderate Facebook posts and comments, Sesede Simeon said , “Our representative from Badagry making a joke of the death of people’s children is the height of insensitivity. And he’s a father. Is death the penalty for defying a government imposed curfew? Now, I have a clear understanding of the reason Badagry is still struggling with government presence/basic amenities” she said.

Another Facebook user Niran Krowne commented “We don’t have leaders in this country… All the politicians are exposed but they are below their positions standard level. They reason like Primary 3-4 pupils, …Whether youths obey the govt. isn’t the point here but who authorised shooting…”

“I think Nigerians should start a process of recall. All these political leaders should be recalled immediately and fresh leaders reelected. They all don’t deserve that space. Imagine him saying ‘who are we to go against the Governor?’ who is the Governor without us?” A comment from Busayo Opaleke reads.

Reacting to a comment by Ander Abel, a comment from Oseni Kelvin reads “We all know that we have constitutional rights to protest but not by blocking of roads, if you do, you are infringing on some other person’s right to access the road. We need to be clear on this. Dont let emotions drive home your points.”

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