“Dreams Do Come True” – Badagrian Who Wins Scholarship to Canada

A young Badagrian, Oluwabunmi Amosu, while narrating the story of her scholarship as one of two Nigerians to study in Canada has advised that young people should have dreams and pursue them with passion because dreams do come true.

Oluwabunmi Amosu, from Ajido in Badagry Local Government Area had her undergraduate studies in Business Administration at the Lagos State University, Ojo and was recently granted a MasterCard Scholarship to run her Masters programme in Canada.

In a chat with CityMood Reporter, Oluwabunmi stated that it is the grace of God and some other factors that got her selected. “It’s the grace of God. Aside the God factor, I had some couple of work experiences that aligned with the course of study. Ability to write my story well in essay form and my undergraduate grade helped me too.

“It’s a win I am proud of and something I have always wanted. I am grateful to God for it. I feel blessed to be one of the two Nigerians selected for the award in 2020. I actually won two Scholarships but I had to opt for MasterCard Foundation Scholarship.” She said.

When asked about her word to young people out there, Oluwabunmi said, “I would advise our young people to have dreams and pursue them with passion because dreams do come true. At every point in time, always remember your background is never a limitation.

“Your surrounding challenges is never a barrier to your greatness, see the surrounding limitations and challenges as an optimistic drive never to give up no matter what. Remember, winners are not those who came first, winners are those who never quit while trying.” She added.

MasterCard Scholarship is one of the most prestigious scholarships in the world. It is a fully funded scholarship to support economically challenged and academically gifted master’s students from Sub-Saharan Africa. The benefits of the scholarship include monthly stipends, fully paid tuition, accommodation, travelling costs, medicals, books, laptop, other printings and other school related costs.

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