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Dream of New Face of Badagry Tourist Sites

Hope of a new shape is gradually shining its face on the tourist sites in the ancient city of Badagry as a Badagrian draws out his dream design of the locations.

An Architect and Visual Artist, Ajulo Sewanu Seun recently revealed via a facebook post, his dream design of Marina Jetty, Point of No Return, Gberefu Beach among other places in the ancient city.

In a chat with him sequel to his post on facebook, Mr. Ajulo revealed that he had not been happy seeing the rich history, culture and abundance of nature in Badagry waste away, adding that he further got the motivation to draw out the design from a review he read.

“I was going through a travel and tour blog one day and I read something that motivated me, Mahesh Sharma a foreign tourist wrote a review in July 2019, ‘This place is having a great history of slavery but it’s not preserved well and it can be an important tourist destination if government can spend money. The place is inside Badagry, it’s on the sea shore. No arrangements for stay or food or any kind of relaxation. No security, families are not advisable to go alone’ so I swung into action.” He said.

While responding to a question on how the government, individuals and private companies can help to aid the accomplishment of his dream of a more refurbished tourist sites, Ajulo said, “In my opinion the only way is to get private investors, brokers et al to fund the project. The government role is to release landed property for use, most private sector cannot afford to buy these properties outrightly.

“I believe if we can provide ancillary facilities for our dead tourist sites, Badagry will grow and attracts not only indigenous tourist but also foreign tourists.

“I have made contacts, I also visited the Special Adviser to Gov. Sanwoolu on Tourism, Arts and Culture, Hon. Bonu as touching this project. He highlighted few challenges and stressed that the project is capital intensive, government cannot fund this enormous project. It is massive because it is a lifetime project, I only posted a small fraction of the whole concept.” He concluded.

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