CityMood Magazine Publisher to Speak at Inauguration of Badagry Online Radio

The Publisher of CityMood Magazine, Mr. Sewhude Akande, is billed to speak at the inauguration of Badagry Online Radio.

Mr. Akande, a media entrepreneur, Publisher of CityMood Magazine and the Director of Communications, Badagry Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (BACCIMA) is to speak on the topic “Re-negotiating Badagry Socio-Political Engagement Through Effective Communication, a Panacea for Sustainable Community Development” at the inauguration.

Report has it that, Badagry online radio came to life in a  bid to give voice to people who do not have access to mainstream media to express their views on community development,  which calls for her official unveiling and inauguration of its advisory board.