Badagry LG, Nigeria to Synergize with Municipality of Adjarra, Benin Republic for Growth and Development.

The Executive Chairman, Badagry Local Government Area, Lagos State, Nigeria, Mr. Olusegun Onilude on Tuesday, 26th October 2021 hosted the Mayor of Municipality of Adjarra, Benin Republic, Mr. Germain Sourou Wanvoegbe and his entourage, on a courtesy visit, to synergize with the Council for investment and development.

The Chairman who hosted the Mayor and his entourage at the Council Chamber, in the company of Pa Ogunbiyi M.Z. and Pa Tafa Dada with the Council Manager; Mr. Philip Asokere, appreciated them for the visit, noting that the two communities will benefit from the synergy as it is aimed at propelling investment and development.

He also noted that he believes the two communities have benefits to derive interns of cultural and economic values, which according to him, will engender growth and development. He further appreciated the team for the gift which will serve as momento for the two communities.

The Mayor in his words stated that the synergy is in respect to the 2025 development agenda of Municipality of Adjarra and investment partnership, pointing out that the Commune of Adjarra has cultural ties with Ajara and Badagry at large. Hence, the ground for the synergy.

The Mayor therefore presented a portrait of Mr. Olusegun Onilude as memory, as well as Avocado and Mango plants.

Among other delegates in the entourage of Mr. Germain are: Andre Assogba, Deuweme Adjount au Maine, Vector Ahidedji, Chef d’Amoudossemeut, Gregoin Hovotounkou Presedent de la Commusuon Culture, Jean-Clement Gessemehlan, Presedent Commussuon Sport et Jeunesse, Oba Allade Imanle(Roi de Yoruba), Kpotehoun Alanmakoun (Roi de Gouh), Latajou Ladjouan, Hussie a L’assemble, Alabi Bada, Planifocateun Nationale du Benin.


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