Ajegunle Landlords/Tenants Association Appeals to Obasa on Bad Roads

The members of Emordi/Amosu Lane Landlords/Tenants Association in AJegunle,  Ajeromi-Ifelodun Local Government Area, Lagos State, have appealed to the Speaker, Lagos State House of Assembly, Mudashiru Obasa, and the Chairman of the LGA, Fatai Ayeola, to do everything within their power to ensure that the area have good roads.

In a letter written to the Speaker, signed by the Chairman of Emordi/Amosu Lane Landlords/Tenants Association, S.A. Amosu, and Secretary, H.O. Kudehinbu, the Council Chairman was commended for the construction of a section of the drainage and therefore urged to complete the good job by the rehabilitating of the road.

According to the association, the community popularly called AJ City in the LGA has dilapidated roads which causes flooding, soil erosion, destruction of buildings, and a collapse in business activities, which has become a terrible annual experience during the rainy season.

“When it rains, it’s either you stay indoors or wait after the rain. Cases of malaria, cholera, diarrhoea increase as a result of the filth that the floodwater brings. If there is an emergency at night, it is always a life-or-death experience because of the bad road. How do you convey a sick person to the hospital when you don’t have a good road? When it rains, children don’t go to school. We no longer park our cars at home. Today, the road has become impassable for both motorists and pedestrians, while some have been rendered homeless due to flooded homes. It is hard for us as we watch helplessly every year when it rains.

“You can imagine the condition of a road that is 40 years old. We humbly and passionately appeal to Mr. Speaker and our representatives in the House of Assembly to come to our rescue. We cannot handle it by ourselves, as it is far beyond our financial capacity and capability.” The letter stated

The association stated that construction of the drainage which was sponsored by the local government started in 2016, however, it stopped in 2017 after a side of the drainage was completed.

“Work started on the second side of the drainage in 2018 and stopped in December of the same year, making the street impassable for both motorists and pedestrians, while many were rendered homeless. It is really hard, as residents watched helplessly for years as the stagnant waters and erosion menace has become an unfriendly daily companion. There is urgent need to tackle this problem once and for all.

“As taxpayers, this ought not to happen in a modern society. We seriously appeal to all in authority to come to our rescue. The Council Chairman, Fatai Ayeola, is a man with passion for the community.  That is why we are appealing to him to come to our rescue before the rains begin next month. He is our father, and we, his children. Every part of the local government belongs to him”. The statement added.

In the same vein, some business owners in the area lamented over the condition of the road stressing that it has affected their businesses, which according to them have forced some people to relocate. It was gathered that if the road were fixed, economic activities would improve in the area and LGA as a whole.




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